NiceTwice is a love story between me and op shops.

I began opshopping as a teenager searching for my own style. I spent my six month engagement buying 200 second-hand teacups to use as centrepieces at my wedding. And then I became a mum, and now I find joy in dressing my kids in thrifted finds.

The state of fast fashion is outrageous. We are literally killing the planet trying to dress ourselves in the latest clothes, and to buy new from eco conscious companies can be expensive and out of reach for many. Many people love the idea of buying secondhand, but lack the time, energy, or accessibility to make it worthwhile, which is where we step in. NiceTwice provides a way to get more secondhand pieces off the rack and back into circulation, keeping them out of landfill, and saving you money in the process.

You’ll find a happy mix of modern labels and genuine vintage finds here, there is truly something for everyone. Clothes are in excellent to immaculate condition, because second-hand does not mean second-best.