Vintage Trade In Scheme

Here at NiceTwiceNZ, we know how quickly kids grow, and that quality vintage clothing often has a life cycle that will outlast the number of times something can be worn by one child. We have a big dream to create a circular and regenerative movement, and minimise the throw away culture of our fashion consumption. 

In steps the Vintage Trade In Scheme

For eligible products, you will get the chance to send them back to us in exchange for up to a 60% discount on your next purchase. Simply order a free* Trade In Pack, and we will send you a prepaid postage bag to send the item back in. Once it's safely returned, and provided the item is still in reasonable, wearable condition, you will then receive an email with a one-off 60% off discount code to use on your next purchase. That vintage piece of clothing can then be passed on to the next child to use and love. Together, we can slow down fashion consumption.

Terms & Conditions

  • Eligible products will be clearly marked in product advert.
  • Trade In Packs to be ordered within 12 months of original purchase 
  • 60% discount valid on all products except curated daycare bundles, and to a maximum cart value of $80NZD
  • Items must be returned in reasonable, wearable condition. If it is deemed that there has been more than reasonable wear, holes, or major stains on the item, a lesser discount code may be negotiated.
  • Trade In Packs are free* to order, however if no item received within 30 days of ordering a Trade In Pack, you may be invoiced for the cost of materials.