Curated Daycare/Play Bundles

Curated Daycare/Play Bundles

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Our Curated Daycare Bundles are a way to get you a neat pile of clothes suitable for play, but still of good enough quality to last through the sandpit and paint spills. You choose the size requirements, colours, and seasonal preferences, and leave the rest to me. I will shop specifically for you to bring you what you need, what you will actually use, and what will last. 

Choose your size and colour options in the drop down menus. If you have further or more specific preferences, feel free to leave a note at checkout, or get in touch via instagram or email. 

These bundles will include a range of unbranded (Kmart, Warehouse etc.) and midrange (Teeny Weeny, Cotton On Kids, Mac & Ellie etc.) pieces, and may include the one or two higher end pieces (Jamie Kay, Seed, Nature Baby etc.) Please expect some minor flaws on some pieces such as washfade or small marks. Nothing will be majorly flawed or ripped.

Please allow two-three weeks for these bundles to ship.